Stained Glass Resources


British Society of Master Glass Painters, London, UK


Stained Glass Museum, Ely, UK

Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

Stained Glass Websites around the UK:

Stained Glass of Buckinghamshire Churches
An online database of stained glass windows in churches in the county of Buckinghamshire with images.
Michael G Hardy

Cambridgeshire Churches
Images of stained glass supplement textual information on the Stained Glass Recording website, run by Simon Knott

Church Heritage Records
Over 16,000 entries on Anglican church buildings in England, dating from the Anglo-Saxon period, managed by the Church of England. Limited information on stained glass

Church Recording Society
The Church Recording Society are in the process of recording the artefacts of religious buildings (mainly churches and chapels) throughout the UK and the Isle of Man after AD 1,000. The Windows section of a Church Record includes a well-researched description of the windows with photographs. Previously printed books, since 2015 the Church Records have been electronically recorded and a searchable index is found on the society’s website.

The CVMA Picture Archive
A searchable database of over 10,000 photographs and information on the stained glass of medieval (and other) periods in England, with images.
Corpus Vitrearum (Great Britain)

Cornish Stained Glass
A website containing extensive information and articles on the stained glass in Cornwall.
Michael Swift

Essex Churches
Part of the Churches of East Anglia websites run by Simon Knott. Has some images of stained glass.

Stained glass in the Church of Ireland is a searchable online catalogue of every stained glass window throughout the Church of Ireland, with images.

The Online Stained Glass Photographic Archive (The Rose Window)
A searchable photographic archive of medieval stained glass covering England and France, with images and often plans of churches too.
Painton Cowen

Norfolk Churches
Part of the Churches of East Anglia websites run by Simon Knott

Norfolk Stained Glass
A useful website which documents stained glass in secular and religious Norfolk buildings.

Scottish Stained Glass Trust (SSGT)
An online database of stained glass mainly focused on buildings in Glasgow and Edinburgh run by the Scottish Stained Glass Trust. Largely dormant.

Suffolk Churches
Part of the The Churches of East Anglia websites run by Simon Knott

Sussex Parish Churches
A useful website with information on churches in the county of Sussex, with more limited information on glass.

Stained Glass Recordings (this website)
Managed by Robert Eberhard (supported by BSMGP) which
holds records (without images) of stained glass
windows in churches across the South and East of

Stained Glass in Wales
A searchable online catalogue of stained glass in Wales, with images.

Visit Stained Glass
A website highlighting some of the most inspiring examples of stained glass in the UK.
Peter Hildebrand (supported by Glaziers Company)